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       KRH is a small local business located in Poulsbo Washington. As a well established company we have been serving Kitsap County and surrounding areas since 2009. With over six years of experience running CAD trucks, we at KRH offer delivery and professional placement of a wide variety of materials for both businesses and homeowners. From foundations to drains, walkways, driveways, gardens to total yard remodel! We do it all!!!

       Unlike a standard dump truck, our unique truck has an attached high-speed conveyor belt, CAS (Conveyor Application System) that allows for fast, efficient, and cost effective placement of various materials like sand, dirt, mulch, soil, rock and much, much more. This truck can also be operated via remote control. The Remote Drive System allows the operator to be outside of the truck and maneuver it remotely while still spreading and/or placing material. Having these special features makes for a quick and clean turn around with virtually no mess to clean up.



                       Kevin R. Hoffer

KRH Material Placement
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     Quick - clean - Convenient

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